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Money Travel Tips

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LCU's Overseas Money Travel Tips

Are you planning to embark on an adventure overseas? To make the most of your overseas holiday, it’s best to get your finances organised and make a checklist. Here are some things to think about before you go off on your amazing trip

  1. Please check the expiry date on your LCU Visa debit card - if the card is due to expire while you are overseas contact LCU to arrange an early renewal
  2. Advise LCU of the dates that you will be overseas and where possible the countries being visited
  3. Visa Global Customer Service is available 24/7 for lost or stolen cards. Visit  - you can find the Toll Free emergency number for the country you are in.  You can find a ATM locator guide on this site as well
  4. Check account for large balances - members may be responsible for any transactions that are made before they advise Visa that the card is lost or stolen
  5. Overseas ATM withdrawal and Cash Advance fees is $3.30 and a 2% exchange rate loading applies to all overseas transactions
  6. The cost for an emergency replacement Visa card is USD 175.00.  The replacement card cannot be used in ATMs. The cost of cancelling a request for a replacement card is USD 50.00 . If you require funds urgently, please contact LCU directly to discuss options.
  7. The Cash Passport™ Platinum Mastercard® are strongly recommended by LCU. Using these prepaid cards, protects your LCU Visa debit card from possible compromise or theft while travelling. Contact LCU for an application form and how to apply.

LCU can also organise Travel Insurance and Foreign Cash

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