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  • Chairman's Report
    Financial and Operating Performance in an Extraordinary Environment ... Read more
  • Notice for the 66th Annual General Meeting
    The 66th Annual General Meeting of Laboratories Credit Union Limited will be held on Thursday, 5th November 2020 at 6.00 pm via Videoconference. ... Read more
  • Open Banking
    You may have seen Open Banking mentioned in the media over the last year. Not sure what it involves? The first stage for mutuals and other small ADI’s like LCU will go live on the 1st of October and simply involves product reference data being shared (information about our ... Read more
  • Appreciate how Marvellous LCU is


    "There’s nothing like spending an hour on the phone to a bank, enduring endless delays and dead ends, clunky voice recognition programs and awful recorded music just to query a credit card charge, to appreciate just how marvellous LCU is. Just thought I’d say." - K

  • Thanks for tertiary scholarship


    "This email may appear random in subject however during this COVID lockdown situation, with my University now being all online, I have realised I never properly thanked LCU for the tertiary scholarship funds they granted me back at the beginning of 2019.

    I put the funds towards a new laptop for my university studies, an item which is now essential during online education, and so I am blessed to have been able to purchase this laptop thanks to the generosity of LCU. Thank you very much.

    I'd also like to thank LCU for their continued support of the community

  • Great Support


    "As many times before, I would like to thank all the staff at LCU for your great support. Recently, we purchased a property in ####### (when it was still possible to travel). We made it back to our overseas work location just before international travel came to a halt. We were able to do most of our paperwork on-line, except one signature witness event at the Australian Embassy in the capital city here. Even that was possible just before the domestic flights were cancelled. We had to make two financial transfers - one for the deposit, and one for settling. Both of them wer