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  • Osko - What you need to know
    A new, faster, and better way to pay is coming soon. It’s called Osko by BPAY and it’s the latest payment innovation to hit the finance industry. ... Read more
  • LCU is supporting Bandanna Day 2017
    Today the LCU Staff is supporting CanTeen’s Bandanna Day with our colourful CanTeen Bandannas. ... Read more
  • International Credit Union Day
    October 19th marks International Credit Union Day for 2017! Each year, this international event allows us to remember the proud history of Credit Unions around the world and promote awareness of and support for the customer owned banking sector. This year’s theme &ldqu... Read more
  • Staff expertise


    "This morning LCU staff expertise and know-how rescued me from a sticky situation. Betty talked me through a log on problem which I would have had no chance of solving under ordinary circumstances. Thank you Betty and thank you LCU. Wonderful to know we have great backup and support." - Leo

  • pleasant banking


    “Thank you - it is always a pleasure to do business with the LCU. Hopefully one day our daughter will start up her own account with LCU and see how pleasant banking can be!! We always appreciate the friendly and efficient service which we have received over the years and continue to receive from LCU.” ~ Carol

  • Simple


    “Thank you and thanks to the team for making the LCU part as simple as could be. When I tell others about our LCU experience they find it difficult to believe! I don’t really understand why people bother with banks.” ~ Ron