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  • International Credit Union Day: Local Service. Glo...
    International Credit Union (ICU) Day celebrates the history and achievements of the credit union movement around the world.  ... Read more
  • Understanding the Financial Pages
    Looking at the financial pages of the daily newspaper or website may seem like a bewildering onslaught of information with reams of market statistics and measurements. This can make the investment world seem quite complex and intimidating, but when you break it down and try to grasp each o... Read more
  • Chairman's Report 2018-19
    Scott Martin, Chairman of the Board for LCU, presents his annual report for the 2018/19 financial year.  ... Read more
  • Team should be super proud of yourselves


    "I've been a member of LCU for over 20 years now (probably closer to 25) and I can safely say that every single interaction I have had with your organisation and team has been superb. I never doubt for a second that you have had my best interests at heart and I feel thoroughly safe that you will do the best for me as a member as you possibly can. I can't express how grateful I am that I have just not had to worry about my finances for the last 20+ years. What a gift. Your team should be super proud of yourselves" - Joss

  • Everything went smoothly


    "We would like to thank Therese for her help yesterday in setting us up to access internet banking. We logged in for the first time this morning and everything went very smoothly. We are very pleased we have finally come into the 21st century with this! Over the years we have always found LCU staff to be so good to deal with that it is always a pleasure to make a phone call to LCU. Thank you." - John & Carol


  • Pleasure dealing with loans staff


    "It was a pleasure dealing with the Loans staff and anytime I phone everyone is so helpful and professional." - Jan