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  • RediATM Scheme Exit
    Update from the GM Welcome to the Summer edition of LCU’s Newsletter. We hope you had a very happy and relaxing Christmas/New Year break. I want to take this opportunity to update our members on an important change to LCU members’ usage of rediATMs. Over the last 12 months ... Read more
  • LCU - Banking App (The Whole Story)
    LCU - Banking App (The Whole Story) What started as a “quick project” has turned out to be one that went on for much longer than originally anticipated. That being said, looking out from this late stage and seeing a near finished product could not be more satisfying. Who ... Read more
  • Helping your adult kids to be financially savvy
    It is human nature for parents to want to provide for their children but at some point, the “help” you may be giving them could actually be more of a hindrance to them gaining their own financial independence - stunting their ... Read more
  • One of those rare institutions...


    "I hope all of you wonderful people at LCU have a beautiful Christmas. Thank you for all you do for us members to make what could easily be one of the most frustrating aspects of life to one of the most pleasurable. Personally, I appreciate it hugely. The LCU is one of those rare institutions that always puts the people first and I know that is born out of enormous efforts, so thank you." - Frankie


  • I'll take this opportunity


    "I'll take this opportunity to wish you and all the wonderful LCU folk, some of whom I know back from the '90s, all the best for a happy and peaceful Christmas/New Year. And of course my ongoing thanks for a quality of service that's rare to find!" - Fred

  • Love my LCU


    "Love My LCU, you all do such a great job your assistance is very much appreciated." - Frances