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Open Banking

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What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is part of the Consumer Data Right (CDR), this legislation passed by the Australian government gives you greater access to and control over your data. For more specific information, visit our Open Banking FAQ.

Benefits of Open Banking

The initial stage, product data, allows consumers to view and compare banking products from all institutions to see which best suits their needs.

The second stage involved enabling accredited data recipients to request you share your transaction data in order to provide you with services. For example, if you were applying for a product that required you in the past to submit bank statements, with open banking stage 2, you could instead give them permission to access your transaction data directly through LCU.

Information can only be used by accredited third parties for purposes you consent to and will allow the third party to tailor the service they provide for you. Any third party that requests your data will need to be accredited by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) before they can request or receive your data.

Another example is if you had a budgeting app that you wanted to use to track your spending. Upon granting them permission to access your transaction data, you wouldn’t need to manually input any data into the app, it would pull your spending/saving information directly from LCU.

Remember, this is a part of the Consumer Data Right which aims to give you more control over your data. One of the major principles of this is that the consumer controls who accesses their data. None of your data will be shared unless you initiate the process. Granting permission involves multiple checks to ensure that you are sharing the data you want to share, with the provider you want to share it with.

For further information visit our Open Banking FAQ.

Do you want more information or have a technical question?

For more information about the Consumer Data Right (CDR), please visit the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website or email our team at

Are you a developer?

LCU's Phase 1 Product Data Open Banking Endpoints are listed below:

Get product API
API Endpoint
Technical Specifications
Get product details API
API Endpoint{productId}
Technical Sepcifications

Stage 2 customer data is only available to accredited Data Recipients in the CDR environment.