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Branch deposits and withdrawals

The one place you can conduct all of your banking transactions and still be assured of a friendly smile and help when you need it is at our convenient branch.

Personal cheque facility

We can provide you with a cheque facility which operates from your savings account. Our cheque books come in books of 50. We can also provide you with a deposit book to enable you to deposit extra funds. Please note, fees and charges apply to the use of your personal cheque facility.

Direct Credit

You can also have money directly credited to your account via the Direct Credit system by quoting our BSB 802 841 and your account number. Providing this information to the payee will allow them to credit your account.

Note: when providing information on your membership, always adopt sensible security practices.

Quick Debits

This service enables you to transfer funds to your LCU account from your savings account with another financial institution on a regular basis. Quick debits can be set up to recur (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly) for an indefinite or fixed number of payments or transfers.

Users of our Internet banking service can create their own direct debits

Payroll deduction

Have your pay deposited straight into your savings account. You also have the option to split your pay into separate accounts as you want, e.g. some to your loan, some to save, and some to spend. Simply arrange a regular payroll deduction and each time a direct credit is received, we’ll divide it into your account as per your wishes.

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