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Make My ViewPoint (MVP) Internet Banking Work For You

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Sometimes we all wish that life could be just a little bit simpler.Well,your My ViewPoint (MVP) Internet Banking can be. Here are some ways that MVP Internet Banking can work better for you!

Registering for eStatements – Secure & Easy

We’re happy to say that the majority of our members have now registered for eStatements.

Changing over from posted to eStatements means that you’ll never again need to search your filing cabinet for an old statement, and at the same time you’ll help do your part for the environment.

As much as we focus these days on cyber security, good old-fashioned physical mail theft still occurs and bank statements are a prime target for perpetrators of identity theft. Protect yourself today and sign up for eStatements.

You can register for eStatements on your MVP Internet Banking by heading to the Account Options tab on the top menu and by selecting Online Statement preferences. From there you can nominate to receive eStatements.

For our newsletter fans please note that you don’t need to get mailed statements to view our newsletters. The LCU newsletters can be viewed on our website too.

Registering for SMS One Time Password (SMS OTP) – Better security for payments

You may have already heard about one of our additional security options, the SMS One Time Password (SMS OTP). Not many of our members could say they haven’t had a few phone calls from our staff over the years just double checking that certain transactions are genuine. Basically, whenever you make a transfer to an account outside LCU for the first time we like to confirm that it’s really you making the transaction.

To avoid having to go through all this rigmarole, we developed the SMS OTP feature to work in conjunction with your MVP Internet Banking. Once you are registered for this feature, instead of us calling you to confirm the payment (which could delay processing if we can’t get a hold of you immediately) you instead get a code texted directly to your mobile phone which you enter in your MVP Internet Banking and hey presto, the payment is confirmed as genuine and won’t get delayed.

If you haven’t registered yet, now is the time to do so as it will allow you to make international transfers via our third party partners Convera, directly from your MVP Internet Banking. 

You can register for SMS OTP on MVP Internet Banking by heading to the Services and Help tab and then selecting Set Up Security Options.

Update your contact information with LCU regularly

In this constantly changing world, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with even just your own information. Have you changed your mobile number or email lately? These are two important pieces of data among many that we use to help identify you when you contact us. Emails from a new address will necessitate a phone call to confirm they are legitimate, and if we can’t call you on your mobile to check a transaction, it could be delayed. Ensure that you keep your contact information current with us and you won’t have to worry!

You can update your contact details on MVP Internet Banking by heading to My Preferences on the top menu and by selecting Update Contact Details. From there you can choose to change your address details or contact details. Alternatively, you can simply give us a call on 02 9859 0585.

Joint account holders: Do you have your own login for MVP Internet Banking?

Life’s better with some company right? All of our joint account holders agree. If you have a joint account but use only one login for MVP Internet Banking, you may run into some issues with our latest features. For example, if you want to use the SMS OTP feature, but you only have one login for your MVP Internet Banking, you’ll only be able to associate one mobile number to receive the code. If you both need to transact on the account, this won’t be convenient.

As well as that, in 2017, Real Time Payments will be introduced. Full details are still to be revealed as yet, but we can say that your mobile number/email address will begin to play a bigger role when conducting transactions. To register for this payment method each member will need to have their own MVP login. So it’s going to be very important for joint account holders to both have unique logins that can be associated with an email address or mobile number so that you can access the new payment system from day one.

If you would like to set up your unique logins please contact LCU and we can get that sorted for you.

Saving regular payees or billers by giving them a nickname – stores them in your drop down box

Save yourself a lot of time and stress in the future. By entering a nickname when making a payment to a new payee, they will be added to your “address book” meaning that their account will appear in the drop-down list of accounts whenever you make payments. After all, time is money, and we always try to save you money!

Using the nine digit number and where it can be found in MVP and mobile banking.

Once upon a time your 4 or 5 digit membership number was all you needed when getting people to debit or credit your account. Well, times have changed, and so have we. Every one of your accounts (S1, S1.2, S50, S33 or whatever they may be) has its own 9 digit account number (Account Ref).

This allows you to control exactly where your funds will go or which account a direct debit will come from. As well as giving you more control over your finances this makes other financial institutions happy as they do not like the 4 or 5 digit membership numbers.

The (9 digit) account number can be found on MVP Internet Banking by heading to Accounts then selecting the Account List. The (9 digit) account number is located in the Account Ref column.

To find the (9 digit) account number on Mobile Banking you can select more in the main menu and you will find it in the BSB section.

Register your bills on BPay View*

BPay View® can send your bills and statements straight to your MVP.

With convenient email, SMS or banking message reminders and secure online or mobile access, BPay View makes it easy to pay on time, every time. BPay View is easy on the environment too.

Say goodbye to paper bills and register for BPay View on MVP in 3 simple steps:

1.       Log into MVP

2.       Look for the "BPay View maintenance" section under "Preferences"

3.       Register your bills

For further information, visit

*For participating payees only

®Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

If you need a hand setting up any (or all!) of these features, don’t hesitate to give our office a call on 02 9859 0585 and one of our friendly staff members can help walk you through it.