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Online Banking

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Are you hesitant to start using internet banking or the LCU - Banking App? Whether it be for security reasons or because you're not confident with new technology, after reading this we're sure you will be confident and able to use these online facilities with ease to take greater control of and enjoy better security on your account with LCU.  

Here are 10 reasons to get online today:

  1. Better security on your account
    Many of our robust security options to help keep your account safe are only available if you're currently using internet banking. For example - enabling the SMS One Time Password Facility means that whenever you transfer funds to somebody you've never paid previously you'll need to input a verification code sent to your mobile phone in order to complete the payment. You'll also be able to activate SMS/Email alerts if you want, which you can customise to advise you when funds are debited from or credited to your account. No need to be surprised by a transaction on your statement at the end of the month any more as you'll already be on top of everything that happens. The LCU - Banking App also offers the ability to lock and unlock your Visa debit card - more on that below. 
  2. Greater flexibility
    Without internet banking, you need to rely on staff to complete transfers for you during office hours. Instead, you can be across all the payments you need to make the moment you need to make them. You can pay bills as soon as you receive them, or even use BPAYView so that your Bill notifications get delivered to you via email and allow you to pay with just one click in internet banking. Read more about BPAYView here. Since Osko was implemented you can also send funds bank to bank in just moments. So if you're out to dinner with friends, or one of the kids needs cash transferred immediately, you'll be able to have the money to them in seconds using Osko. Read more about how you can use Osko here
  3. Visa card control
    With the LCU - Banking App you can temporarily lock your Visa debit card. It's perfect for those occasions where you think you might have lost your card, but maybe it's on the table at home next to the computer where you were doing some online shopping last night. This saves you worrying that someone might use your card when you're not sure you've lost it and don't want to cancel it just yet, You can relax while you look for it, and then either reactivate it in the app when you find it, or report it lost in the app and confirm your delivery address for the replacement card.
  4. Create/Maintain your PayID
    With Osko you can register a mobile number or email address as your PayID - which you can then give out instead of your BSB and account number in order to receive funds in moments when someone pays your account. This PayID can only be created and modified within Internet Banking or the LCU - Banking App.  
  5. Ease of use
    Internet banking is much simpler now that we've removed password expiry. You can now choose one password that will last forever (make sure it's something memorable but tough for others to guess and don't use the same one for every service you use. For more detailed password advice click here). Even easier than that is accessing the LCU - Banking App which - after logging in for the first time with your Internet Banking credentials - allows you to set up a PIN or pattern, or for supported devices, a biometric login like FaceID or your fingerprint. This makes transferring funds between your accounts incredibly quick and simple meaning that you can make your account even more secure by leaving a lower balance on the account which has your Visa debit card attached and transferring funds as you need them. 
  6. Change your PIN
    If you happen to forget the PIN for your Visa card it's a simple matter of choosing a new PIN via internet banking or the LCU - Banking App. Don't be caught out at the shops or ATM. Remember - 3 incorrect PIN attempts at an ATM within 24 hours means it will retain your card. 
  7. Keep your personal information secure
    By receiving your statements online instead of via the post you remove the opportunity for criminals to steal your personal information through mail theft. You'll also be helping the environment by reducing paper use. You can save copies of your statements on your computer if you prefer to keep them somewhere other than within internet banking. 
  8. Ensure your contact details are up to date
    Internet Banking and our app both allow you to update your contact information as soon as it changes. Ensuring we have up to date phone numbers and addresses for you is important for keeping your account secure. 
  9. Schedule payments and organise your accounts
    Set up future-dated and recurring payments ahead of when they need to be made. If you're paying someone regularly and find yourself constantly needing to send an email to request the same payment, you could save a lot of time by scheduling it to happen automatically. Within internet banking you can also open new sub-accounts (S1.1, S1.2, S50.1 etc) and give them a custom nickname so that you can start organising your savings.
  10. Secure facilities
    LCU utilises industry leading service providers (who are also engaged by the majority of mutual financial institutions in Australia) for our banking services to provide a safe and secure online experience for our members. To date* there have been zero instances of breaches resulting in financial loss due to vulnerabilities in any of the online services provided by LCU. 

To access internet banking today - get in touch with our office and we will happily walk you through logging in for the first time. 

To find out more about the LCU - Banking App and download it today, click here.

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*Content current as at 6th January 2020