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The latest news regarding foreign cash services, contact information and other important matters at LCU during the ongoing COVID-19 scenario. 

As per our previous update, LCU continues to run business as usual and there have been no disruptions to any core services.

Financial institutions are not included in the NSW shutdown of non-essential services and so our North Ryde office will remain open for now. 

However we would like our members to consider the following:

As our main line is experiencing a high volume of calls, to avoid any delays in speaking to any of the staff, you may like to consider calling their direct line:

Staff Phone Email
Nalini Mannie (02) 9859 0533
Betty Ho (02) 9859 0550
Lyn Slater (02) 9859 0590
Tejas Daulat (02) 9859 0535
Kerrie Griffiths (02) 9859 0595
Matthew Thoms (02) 9859 0537
Susanne Tran (02) 9859 0539
Eileen Thoms (02) 9859 0570
Leanne Harris (02) 9859 0560
Other updates
Foreign Cash Repurchases

Travellex have advised that from 23-03-2020 they are suspending their foreign cash repurchasing services. This means that unfortunately, until further notice, LCU will be unable to exchange foreign currency for our members.

Receiving Cash from Overseas

Western Union have advised that while foreign cheque processing continues, there may be delays due to postal restrictions plus their staff working from home. 

If you are expecting to be paid by someone overseas via cheque please consider contacting the sender and requesting the funds be paid by transfer instead. For instruction on receiving funds to your LCU account from overseas, please click here

Mastercard Cash Passport

Cash Passport have advised that as of 23-03-2020 they are unable to support the issuing and loading of cards in branch.

Current cardholders will still have full access to the online portal and be able to load funds onto their cards themselves.

We are unable to issue new cards in branch or load additional cash on your behalf. If you have any questions regarding your cash passport foreign currency card, please get in touch.

Hardship Measures

If you are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 please click here for more information

Enquire Call 02 9859 0585