Travel safe over the Christmas Holidays

Written by Ami Shukla


Here are a few money tips that can help you be safe on your overseas travels this Christmas.

Let us know

Before you travel let us know where you are going. This way we can keep an eye on your account to make sure there are no unusual transactions while you are away. Simply give us a call or email us at

Take a spare card

Always take an additional card - that way you can leave a backup card in your hotel room safe. If you have a joint account, make sure you both have a card on the account. Also do not forget to double check the expiry date on your cards before you travel.

MasterCard Multicurrency Cash Passport Cards are strongly recommended by LCU. Using these prepaid cards, protects your LCU Visa debit card from possible compromise or theft while travelling. Contact LCU for an application form and how to apply.

Take extra care at ATMs

ATMs look different all over the world and it may be hard to detect a skimming device. Always cover your hand when entering your PIN, remember to collect your card first and do not count your cash at the ATM.

To be safe try to use ATM’s during the day when there are people around.

Lost Cards

If your LCU Visa card is lost or stolen outside of Australia, please notify any financial institution displaying the VISA logo, then advise your Credit Union by phone or fax as soon as possible so we can stop your card.

Be careful of scams and robbers

Be of thieves who use inventive ways to trick you to get your money and/or personal information for scam purposes. Posing as police officers or charity workers, they may ask you to make fake donations or fake fines. Before you give them any money or personal details make sure that they are genuine.

In case of a robbery, it’s best not to take too much cash with you when traveling. Keep it in on your card. To avoid too much distress, you could consider carrying a “dummy” wallet with only a small amount of cash in there in case you are confronted by a robber.

Every city tends to have different scams so it may be a good idea to ask your hotel manager for more information. Also check out the Smartraveller website for the latest travel advice for the country you are visiting. 

We hope these tips will help you on your amazing overseas trip.