Laboratories Credit Union Limited


XERO Accounting Package

LCU can facilitate a direct link with Xero Accounting Software for small businesses.

Xero provides accounting solutions for our members directly or through their nominated accounting firms on behalf of members.

Through Xero software, data can be made available automatically without the need to exchange it manually.

The Process

Log into your Xero account and from the Dashboard select Connect Your Bank account.

Xero will ask you to fill in an Authority to Disclose form, sign it, and send it back to Xero.

When Xero receives this form they will set up their internal process and then send the Authority to Disclose form to us.

We will then independently verify the details supplied to us by Xero and then set up our internal process.

Before we transfer any data to Xero we will call you to verify that the request comes from you and only after the verification is correct will we allow the data download via Xero.

For more information please contact us on 02 9859 0585.