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In times like these we all need a happy tale. A moment of kindness from a stranger saved one of our members a lot of hassle. 

One of our members left their LCU Visa card behind (an easy thing to do at the moment in all this chaos). They were lucky enough to have a stranger pick up the card and call us to organise to get it back to her.

She described the story to us like this:

"Can I tell you that it was his keen eyed little boy who noticed the bright red card flipped over on the ground.  It looked different to other Visa cards when they picked it up... they had never heard of LCU.  They simply called the number on the back and away we went. I offered to pick it up from them but he very kindly dropped it into my letterbox and sent me a text to say it was there. Back in my hands now!"

We thought this story was lovely and that we'd share it with you all to remind you that among all the worry, fear and hysteria, that there are still plenty of people out there willing to take time out of their day to help a stranger out. We can all be the kind stranger that makes someone's day.

Do you have a good story for times like these? Share it today! 

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