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Laboratories Credit Union supports 150 years of ingenuity

LCU today has strongly endorsed a new campaign which proudly celebrates the ingenuity and ‘can do’ spirit of Australia. Launched by the Customer Owned Banking Association, the campaign focuses on the relationship between hard-working Australians and customer owned banking. 

“LCU is part of a movement that began in Australia when groups of like-minded workers and communities came together to create building societies, credit unions, and mutual banks,” says Leanne Harris, General Manager. “Customer owned banking put people first from the beginning, and that has seen us stand by customers through droughts, fires, wars, recessions, and now the hardships of COVID-19.”

“We can take confidence in a tried-and-true way of working that has served generations of Australians and is more important than ever.”

"LCU has been reaching out to customers and the community during these challenging times, providing care and support to those in need.

"We are especially proud of our employees who are going the extra mile for customers." For example, talking our members through their options for loan repayments during circumstances like COVID-19 and the recent bushfires.

“ The challenges we face together may change over time, but our can-do attitude and ingenuity will always be there. We want to take this message forward, because many people are anxious about the future.”

Today, customer owned banking serves more than 4 million Australians and operates from every state and territory. “As a sector, we are still committed to helping people and families buy homes, plan for a bright future, help businesses get ahead, and grow communities. Fair rates and a fair go for all.”

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