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Scholarship Awards Presentation

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Congratulations to this year's LCU Tertiary Scholarship recipients (to be published shortly). For the first time ever, the awards will be presented alongside the 2019 CSIRO Alumni Scholarship at a special award ceremony hosted by CSIRO at Lindfield. All LCU members are welcome to attend. 


  • Hear from the CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics recipient - Matthew Rendell who is working to develop ultra-high quality germanium heterostructures, as well as the fabrication of working nanostructures on the high quality germanium wafers. Read more below. 
  • Hear from CSIRO's chief scientist Cathy Foley
  • Light refreshments will be served after the presentation 

Event Details:

  • Monday 18th February 2019
  • 3.00pm - 5.00pm
  • CSIRO Lindfield - Foyer & Auditorium - 36 Bradfield Road, Lindfield
  • There is no cost to attend this event
  • Please RSVP here by 14th February 2019

About the Scholarship in Physics

The CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics was established to commemorate the scientific contributions of Drs. John Dunlop, Tony Farmer, Gerry Haddad and Don Price who died in a helicopter crash in March 2013. The $5,000 travel scholarship helps post-graduate students visit and/or conduct research in an overseas or interstate institution such as a University or research establishment of international standing in the field of proposed research. CSIRO are keen to keep awarding this scholarship each year.

Funding for the scholarship is made possible by the generosity of family, friends, CSIRO alumni and colleagues of Drs. John Dunlop, Gerry Haddad, Don Price and Tony Farmer. The Scholarship team also acknowledges the generous contributions from the Laboratories Credit Union and CSIRO.

You can help achieve this goal with your tax-deductible donation at: 

More on Matthew Rendell

Matthew's project is to develop ultra-high quality germanium heterostructures, as well as the fabrication of working nanostructures on these high quality germanium wafers. He will use the scholarship award to visit the QUTech group at TU Delft in the Netherlands. This will allow him to access one of the best nanostructure research and fabrication groups in Europe.

"I hope to gain knowledge and skills in the growth of germanium heterostructures and nanoscale device fabrication which is not available to me at any facility in Australia. This trip will give me opportunities to work with and learn from leading experts in both wafer growth and device fabrication, which is rare to be able to access at one facility. I will subsequently bring these devices and wafers back to Australia for characterisation and measurement as part of a continued collaboration between our research group at UNSW and the QUTech group at TU Delft.

This visit will also allow me to develop a collaborative relationship with the QuTech group, as well as their industry partners including Intel and Microsoft. This will provide me with networking opportunities and collaborators for ongoing research projects both at UNSW and TU Delft."

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