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Online PIN Change

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Change your PIN at home or on the go via Internet Banking or the LCU - Banking App.

That’s right, you can now change your PIN with the click (or tap!) of a button.

Via Internet Banking:

Log in to your Internet Banking and select My Preferences > PIN Change




Via The LCU - Banking App:

Head to the Cards section of the LCU – Banking App and you’ll see a new option called Change PIN

Follow the prompts to select a new PIN.

Remember that you’ll need the SMS One Time Password active on your account in order to use this feature.

Joint or Secondary card holders, you will need to contact LCU if you do not have an individual login for internet banking or the app (that’s right, you can’t change the PIN for your partner’s card as a joke and leave them floundering for the whole weekend!

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with our friendly staff.