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LCU - Banking App (The Whole Story)

What started as a “quick project” has turned out to be one that went on for much longer than originally anticipated. That being said, looking out from this late stage and seeing a near finished product could not be more satisfying.

Who did we get to build it?

Our trusted provider Ultradata (UDA) – who manage our core banking platform and website were the obvious choice for the project back when we first began looking at it in 2017. Having the same company who currently manages our other online channels create our app just made sense. 

What was our focus?

 We wanted to keep it simple but ensure that we included as many of the features we knew were important to our members that we could.

Firstly, it was important to us that logging in to the app would be simple & straightforward.

That’s why, after entering your usual MVP credentials during the first time set up of the LCU – Banking App, you’ll be prompted to choose a PIN or pattern. Once that is set, there’s no need to change it unless you want to. For users sporting the latest iPhone (X and beyond) you’ll have a third option – FaceID. 

Of course we are very upset that this inevitable bit of favouritism occurred – we love our Android users equally after all and intend to support face recognition on android as soon as we are able to. Sadly that is reliant on our suppliers – and not something we can instigate ourselves. (I would if I could, I personally have an S8 and would love face recognition for myself!)

Card control  was another feature we wanted to ensure was included. You can now lock and unlock your LCU VISA card directly within the app. That means if you happen to misplace your wallet, instead of instantly calling VISA to cancel the card, only to find it five minutes later (safely tucked between the couch cushions) and then having to go through the whole replacement process anyway, you’ll now be able to lock your card with the tap of a finger.

You find the card – excellent! You tap Unlock and go on your merry way.

You don’t find the card, there’s a button right there in the app to tell us to place the order for your replacement card.

If you’re (again – the favouritism – I swear it isn’t me) an Apple Wallet user – make sure you’ve added your LCU card to your wallet. We are able to replace the details stored in the digital wallet on your phone – the same moment when the new card order is placed. Don’t wait on snail mail to start spending again! Instantly replace your card in the wallet instead.

So, why the long wait?

Some of you may recall, mentions of an app were being carefully doled out earlier this year – aiming for a mid-2018 release. But it wasn’t to be. It certainly adds a lot to the project of building a banking app when during the course of designing it, an entirely new method of payment is brought to market. Osko allows institutions to send funds, bank to bank, in moments as opposed to days. We wanted to ensure that our first app release would include the single biggest new function to hit the banking industry in the last few years. And so we decided to be patient and stay the course. Wait for quality and assurance testing to be completed, then finish designing, testing, and bringing this app to market.

What’s next?

Install of the app into our live banking environment was successfully completed on 29th November. Then we entered our “soft launch” where the app is be available to staff members only whilst we complete the final testing with all connections live.

So when do I get it?

As the final, set-in-stone, we’re-definitely-going-to-release-it date – has not officially been confirmed as yet, I can’t answer that. Final release date is reliant on the results of the tests conducted during the soft launch. Fingers crossed we’ll have zero issues, everything will work perfectly first time and we’ll be able to inform you all that it’s to be released Mid-December.

Thank you so much for reading.  

Matthew Thoms
Marketing & IT Support