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LCU has a strong history of involvement in the community

It's all about being part of a Credit Union that is different from other financial institutions. At LCU it's all about our members and our community. We are here to serve our community.

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LCU Tertiary Scholarships

What are LCU Tertiary Scholarships?

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Laboratories Credit Union offers eight scholarships to students who have completed their Higher School Certificate and have been accepted into an Australian University or other acceptable tertiary institution. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of their ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) or its equivalent.

Another two scholarships are available to those who have fully completed their trade certificate course. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of the final year’s results.

Who is eligible for an LCU Tertiary Scholarship?

To be eligible for an award you must be an active* member of LCU or the child or grandchild of an active* member of LCU.

Why does LCU award these Scholarships?

The scholarships are intended to assist with the cost of tertiary education. The scholarships are for a single year only and are not renewable. LCU offers these scholarships every year.

How do you apply for an LCU Tertiary Scholarship?

To apply for the HSC scholarships, you must submit proof of your ATAR (or equivalent) as well as your acceptance into an Australian University or other acceptable tertiary institution. 

Trade Certificate Course applicants may apply with their results of all subjects taken during the Trade Certificate. 

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CSIRO Alumni

LCU has a long history with CSIRO as this is the base for our original membership.

Hence we are pleased to be affiliated with the CSIRO Alumni. The CSIRO Alumni was an initiative of the former CSIRO Chief Executive, Dr. Geoff Garrett, and was officially launched in December 2003. Since then, the membership has grown to more than 3,000 members (April 2009) and continues to grow.

Dr Jim Cullen, former Chief of CSIRO Entomology and staff member for almost 33 years, offered his time and experience to take on the role of Founder President of CSIRO Alumni.

Over the past year, efforts have been focused on establishing an infrastructure to allow members to contribute to and influence the further development of the Alumni. Regional Chapters with local committees have been established in Perth, Tasmania, Canberra and Sydney so events and activities can be organised that are of interest to local members. Establishing Chapters in other states and regions are planned in the near future.

The Alumni’s latest initiative, developing The Alumni Online Network, is a vital tool to continue developing the Alumni network both socially and professionally.

Why become a member of the CSIRO Alumni?

Alumni members have the opportunity to keep in touch with other Alumni, renew friendships and create new relationships across science, the community, industry and business. As part of the extended CSIRO community you will be:

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Australian Mutual Foundation

LCU proudly supports the Australian Mutual Foundation (AMF)

The primary purpose of the AMF is to provide a vehicle for mutuals to assist needy children in Australia, and to alleviate poverty in some of the poorest communities in South East Asia and the Pacific by the creation of sustainable cooperative financial organisations.

AMF's Vision

To continue to support the ideals and beliefs of the pioneers of the cooperative financial organisations who sought to bring about positive human and social development by helping to alleviate domestic and international poverty.

The AMF has three main objectives: 

  1. To support Australian children and youth who are at risk of abuse or neglect, or who are disadvantaged in terms of housing, medical care or education.
  2. To assist remote and disadvantaged communities in impoverished South East Asian and South Pacific countries to facilitate microfinance benefits to assist the poor to generate income.
  3. To provide a mechanism for members of credit unions and mutuals, and the general public, to donate to assist those affected by natural disasters in Australia, South East Asia, or the South Pacific.

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LCU Staff Charities

For many years now the staff at LCU have been supporting local and international charities on a regular basis.

These particular charities have been chosen by us for various reasons and some are particularly close to our hearts.

RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) NSW Ryde Center

LCU sponsors RDA Ryde. They are a not-for-profit organisation that provides equine assisted activities to people with disabilities to develop and enhance physical, social, psychological abilities and educational progress.

World Vision

Since 2005 LCU staff has been sponsoring children through the World Vision Sponsor a Child Scheme. At the moment we sponsor Nomqhele, she was born on 2 February 2006 and lives in Zimbabwe with only her mother.

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