How to avoid paying transaction fees

Written by Laboratories Credit Union


Want to avoid paying those annoying transaction fees? At Laboratories Credit Union our members are our focus. Here's some handy tips on how you can avoid paying unnecessary fees.

Make the most of Internet & Phone Banking options

You can obtain balances, transfer funds between accounts and externally, BPAY® your bills anytime through Phone and Internet banking. Transactions are fee-free.

Press “Credit”

To avoid paying fees press the “Credit*” option when using your Visa Debit Card. There is no monthly transaction limit or fees when you use the “Credit*”option.

You will only receive 10 free POS transactions if you select CHQ/SAV when you make a purchase.After 10 there is a $1.80 fee for each additional transaction.

Use a RediATM or NAB ATM to withdraw cash

You will receive 10 free ATM transaction per month. After 10 there is a $1.80 fee for each.

For free ATM withdrawals use RediATM’s; NAB ATM’s or just look for machines displaying the rediATM sign. WARNING If you use any other ATM you will be charged at the point of withdrawal by the owner of that ATM.  

Direct Debit

As an alternative to making periodical payments, or writing cheques, pay your regular payments by direct debit. This is a fee-free transaction.

Account balances

Check your balances and making sure you have sufficient cleared funds in your account to avoid paying dishonour fees or transfer fees.

Investigate other accounts & loans

Check out our full range of products & services – you’ll find them extremely competitive.

*Please note that some merchants may charge their own fees or a surcharge when you choose this option.