Laboratories Credit Union Limited

Next Christmas

Written by Ami Shukla


If you are still recovering from last month’s budget blow out there is no better time than now to work out your finances and get organised for Christmas this year.

Whilst very few banks offer Christmas Club accounts consumer feedback indicates that members see great value in the accounts as it helps to prevent the accumulation of credit card debt over the Christmas period. Christmas Club accounts are commonly used not only for Christmas presents but to contribute to the substantial grocery bills that can build up over the holiday season.

What Is A Christmas Club Account?

It’s like a regular savings account but it operates under a “restricted access” status to ensure your savings keep growing and that you have the money at the end of the year when you need it.

You nominate how much you want to put aside each week and we automatically deduct it from your nominated account and place it in your Christmas Club Account for you – you will never miss it!

Even as little as $10 a week would net you $520 plus interest at year’s end.

The best thing is you can use the money for whatever purpose you wish. You could use it to pay for the Christmas groceries, for a trip away somewhere, for Christmas gifts, whatever you want!

So what are you waiting for? Get an LCU Christmas Club Account today and have one less headache at the start of 2017!