Take advantage of LCUs redraw facilities this Christmas

Written by Ami Shukla


Christmas can be an expensive season and you may find that you need to spend more than usual this time of year. With only a few weeks till Christmas you might like to take advantage of LCU’s Redraw Facility available through your LCU Loan. If you think you might need some extra cash and you have funds in advance on your loan, you can use LCU’s Redraw Facility.

This is a great, convenient and easy facility to use.You can use the redraw facility as long as you have $500 plus in advance on your loan. This option gives you the freedom to enjoy the Christmas season!!

How does a redraw work?

With any LCU Loan you have the option to make extra repayments towards your loan. Choosing to make extra repayments to your loan will reduce the amount of interest you pay on your loan as well as cutting the time it takes to pay off your loan. By paying extra repayments on your loan you also have the option to redraw on those advancements.

Benefits of a redraw?

This might be just what you need with Christmas around the corner.