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IDCARE is Australia and New Zealand’s national identity & cyber support service. Their service is the only one of its type in the world. They have helped thousands of Australian and New Zealand individuals and organisations reduce the harm they experience from the compromise and misuse of their identity information by providing effective response and mitigation.

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IDCARE has a huge library of fact sheets, videos, guides for social media, technology and more. Check out their resources now to help you prevent the theft of your identity

Understanding Identity Theft: Fact Sheet

Identity theft is a type of fraud that involves the theft of someone’s personal information. Often it’s the credentials that contain personal information that is of most value to criminals. This Fact Sheet provides information about what you can do to prevent the theft of your physical identity documents and steps you can take if it ever happens to you.

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Responding to identity theft: 

Mitigating the risk of identity theft online

Mitigating the risk of identity theft offline

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