Laboratories Credit Union Limited


Keep your account secure with a more complex password

To align LCU’s password security with OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) recommendations we have made some changes to our password requirements.

Your password for internet banking will now need to meet the following criteria:

Here are some other features you might like to consider to keep your account secure:

SMS OTP (One Time Password)

Two factor authentication using LCU's SMS One Time Password facility allows you to receive a text to your mobile phone to authenticate action on your account - for example - when making payments to new payees via internet banking you'll be prompted to enter a one time password.

Once registered you will also be able to reset the password for your internet banking online in case you need to set a new one when our office isn't open.

Activate your SMS OTP facility next time you log into your internet banking by heading to the Services & Help menu and selecting "Setup Security Options"

Email/SMS Alerts

You can set up alerts allowing you to keep track of activity on your account. Whether you want to be notified of money being received, being taken out, logins to your internet banking or something else, there is an alert to suit the occassion. To set these up log into internet banking and head to the Inbox menu and select "Alerts"

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