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We asked previous winners of the LCU Scholarship to comment on their first year of Uni

Previous winners of the LCU Tertiary Scholarships

Sabrina - University of Technology Sydney 

“After a long and much needed break from homework, assessments and all the stress of the HSC I began studying a bachelor of Business at the University of Technology Sydney. This first year of university, while it’s been stressful, I’ve absolutely loved my course, and plan to major in marketing and accounting. It's also incredible to see all the amazing opportunities there are to get involved at UTS. From netball, to a food appreciation society, there certainly hasn’t been an uneventful day.

I’m extremely grateful for LCU, their incredibly kind staff and the scholarship program which has been a massive help this first year of university. I wish the best of luck to those in the process of applying for their future education and those who are applying for this generous scholarship.”

 Jacquie - Macquarie University

"With change, there’s always going to be a combination of excitement and apprehension. Saying goodbye to the traditions and normalities of year 12 awakens the realisation that a new chapter in one’s life has begun, and for me, this chapter commenced at the front steps of Macquarie University. I was fortunate enough gain early acceptance into a double degree of Law and Security Studies, which LCU generously contributed to through the 2018 Tertiary Scholarship Program. 

For me personally, my course and the content I’ve learned has been the most rewarding aspect of university this year. As a child, I never anticipated to be studying Australia’s strategic environment and the effectiveness of the criminal justice system (just to name a few subjects), though I’ve ended up pursuing a course that’s perfectly suited to my interests. The friends I’ve met so far have made this experience even more rewarding.

Though if you’re anything like me… you’ll encounter moments of self-doubt and fear of the future over the next year, but my advice to you is to always trust your gut. Your passions were given to you for a reason; instead of questioning them or fearing what others will think, if it makes you happy and brings you a sense of purpose, pursue these ambitions with ferocity. This strength will carry you through whatever challenges you'll face.

Finally, I wish all 2018 graduates the best of luck in 2019!"


"First-year Uni was a wonderful experience as you experience a freedom that school doesn't offer. Even though this allows you to work more efficiently and free up time for enjoyment, it can as quickly lead to complacency. 

The most important part of any study is just the application of consistent effort through organisation. The vast majority of the content is not particularly hard, but the sheer volume of syllabus requirements can easily lead to a downward spiral due to the speed at which material is covered.

Striking a delicate balance is key as there is much to explore in uni past just the academics. The clubs and societies are really enjoyable, and their diversity means that you will always be able to explore your interests. Furthermore, you can develop new hobbies as most of the societies are catered towards beginners.

In short, have fun and enjoy the adventure!”

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