Laboratories Credit Union Limited

System Upgrade


My Viewpoint (MVP) internet banking and LCU phone banking have been upgraded. The upgrade includes some great new features in My Viewpoint (MVP) internet banking

These new features include:

Visa pending transactions

When you see that there is a difference between your Balance and your Available balance, these are normally Visa Credit transactions that have not yet appeared in your transaction list.

Now you can see what they are! Saves you trying to remember or having to phone LCU to find out.

Please note – you should always keep your transaction receipts to check back to your statement.

Xref (Account Ref)

this is an alternate account number that most institutions prefer to your member number.

When giving out your LCU account number to set up a direct debit or have money paid to your LCU account there is an 9 digit account number that relates to each of your accounts. The nine-digit number is more widely accepted by the major financial institutions than our 3,4 or 5 digit numbers and it also allows you to direct the transaction to the account of your choice. This can be found on the Account List page.

Messages through My Viewpoint

We now have secure messaging and if you register for alerts you will be alerted when you receive a secure message.

Messages can now be sent and received securely through MVP

To send a message simply go to the INBOX tab and select Secure Messages from the drop-down menu.

How will you know that you have a message in MVP?

On login you will see the message or you can set up an Alert to your mobile phone or email address to let you know that you have a message waiting.

Looking for a transaction?

The new Search function gives you more search options that will make your search easier and give you more meaningful results.

More Helpful Hints for MVP