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Osko is coming

LCU is excited to provide our members with Osko by BPay.  Osko by BPay is a brand new self-service payment system built on the New Payments Platform.

You will be able to make and receive payments faster than ever before 24/7 via your internet banking or mobile banking app. It’s as fast as cash, without the hassle. Whether you’re paying a tradie, splitting a bill or giving money to family for something urgent - the money will be there in minutes

Osko will transform the way we make payments.

You will no longer need to worry about BSB and account numbers when receiving or making a payment. You will only need a "PayID" which will normally be a mobile phone number or email address. Business accounts can use either an ABN or Organisation ID. 

Benefits of Osko and PayID:

So, will you be “ready to go” Osko?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding payments made via NPP enabled products and services please contact LCU on 02 9859 0585 or email us at

Watch our website and eNews for updates.

Learn more about Osko

Learn more about PayID

Read the NPP Australia's Frequently Asked Questions

Changes to our Account & Access Facilities Conditions of Use for Osko Payments

We have added new clauses to the Electronic Access Facilities & ePayments Conditions of Use section for Osko Payments, namely:

Section 23

Using Osko

Section 24

Processing Osko Payments

Section 25

Scheduled & Recurring Osko Payments

Section 27

Authority to Recover Mistaken or Misdirected Payments

The most significant change is Section 27 where you authorise us to recover mistaken or misdirected payments made to your account and return the payment to the payer.

You will be bound by these changes when you make your first Osko Payment.

*If you are registered for MVP but maybe have not logged in for some time – contact LCU to reset your password.
**For all members – please check your contact details to make sure they are all correct – not just for OSKO but for all LCU communication.
*** Business account holders – contact LCU for more information.