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Intelligent Saver Account

Saving with LCU's Intelligent Saver account makes sense as we reward you with higher interest the more you save.

up to
0.10% pa
interest rate

  • Be rewarded for saving
  • Visa debt cards available
  • Higher rates of interest as you save
  • Overdraft available
  • Convenient access 24/7

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Rates are subject to change. Please refer to our rates and fees page.

Intelligent Saver Account (S8)
Interest Rates
$0 - $9,9990.03% pa
$10,000 - $49,9990.05% pa
$50,000 -$99,9990.06% pa
$100,000 and over0.10% pa
Visa Debit Cards AvailableYes
Branch AccessYes 
Minimum Amount$1 
InterestCalculated daily, paid June and December
Funds AvailableAt call 
Online & Phone BankingYes 
Automatic Deposits (salary / account)Yes