Ghost Terminal Transactions – BEWARE!!!

Written by Deepthi Satheesan


Beware of transactions that you do on your Visa card that do not get debited to your LCU account. You are not getting anything for free.

These transactions may have been processed by a ghost terminal. The card details and PIN entered by the cardholder are stored on the device. Then this information can be using fraudulently.

With these ghost terminals the transaction will never go online and is in effect a non-existent transaction. The terminal in essence is a shell only, which acts and behaves like a terminal but never performs a transaction.

The cardholder has no idea it is not a legitimate transaction; as far as they are concerned, they have made a transaction and either got a receipt, or a message on the terminal screen of a connection error and paid by cash.

If anything like this has happened to you please immediately advise LCU and we will arrange a new card and place a stop on the current card to avoid any possible fraud.