Internet Banking Guide to Osko

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How to receive payments with Osko

This is what you'll need to do to start using Osko today.

You are now ready to start receiving payments with Osko.

Next time someone asks for your account details you can give them the PayID you have just registered (As long as the financial institution they are using offers Osko too). When they make a transfer to you, you'll see the funds arrive in your account seconds after they click confirm (even on the weekends!)  

If you are a business account holder and wish to register an ABN or Organisation ID please contact us as we will need to set it up for you. 

How to send payments with Osko

When you next transfer money, click New Payee and you will now see Transfer Method options.

Upon selecting one of the transfer method options and entering a valid PayID, once you click away from the field, the name of the person or company will be shown below it. In the example below, after entering Eileen's email you can see her PayID Name. This allows you to confirm that the PayID belongs to the person or business you intend to transfer funds to. 

From there the options are identical to what they were previously, you still have the ability to schedule future-dated, as well as recurring payments. The reference on your statement is still limited to 35 characters but the Message to Payee now allows up to 280 characters. 

You'll notice a new line showing the "Remaining daily limit". The Osko daily limit is $500.00. To request an increased limit, please contact LCU. For this option you must have SMS One-Time-Password Security active on your internet banking.*

Once you click next, confirm the details of the transfer and finalise it, the funds will be in the recipient's account moments later.   

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*Increased limits are subject to LCU's discretion