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Looking for a cheaper and flexible credit card alternative?

Then why not make use of the LCU overdraft facility? The LCU overdraft facility is designed to allow you to cover those unexpected bills or cheques, and take care of any surprise expenses that might catch you off guard and short of money.

13.40% pa
interest rate

  • Cost-effective
  • Quick approvals

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  How do I apply?
  What documents do I need?

Evidence of Income:

  • Copy of 2 current pay slips or a letter from your employer stating commencement date and salary details
  • If your pay is not currently deposited to an LCU account, please supply 3 months' of complete bank statements
  • Proof and source of other income
  • If self-employed please provide full financial statements and tax assessments for the last 2 years and current figures no more than 3 months old
  • A copy of a recent rental lease or bank statements showing receipt of rent.

Evidence of Commitments:

  • Statement of your home and/or other loans
  • A copy of a recent rental lease or if boarding, a letter from the owner
  • Latest 3 months' of statements for all credit cards and store cards

  Additional information

Rates are subject to change. Please refer to our rates and fees page.

Interest Rate
Variable Interest Rate13.40% pa
Automatic Deposits (salary / account)Yes
Variable and lump sum repaymentsYes
Maximum accessible amount$10,000
Minimum Amount$100 
Loan periodOngoing
RepaymentsWeekly, fortnightly or monthly
Interest chargesCalculated daily, charged monthly
Establishment Fee$0 
Early repayments without penaltyYes