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Fond Farewells

This year we were sad to say farewell and good luck to long standing board member Kieran Greene.

Kieran has been a member of LCU since 1975, an associate director since 1997, director since 2000 and Chairman from 2006 to 2009. That means that upon retiring at the end of 2017, Kieren had been serving on the board of LCU for a total of 20 years.

Over these two decades Kieran modelled many behaviours that define the qualities LCU value in our board, management and staff. A farewell dinner was held for Kieren giving an opportunity for everyone to express their sentiments, Scott Martin (current Chairman) had this to say:

“Each of us has a place inside of us, whose singular purpose is to overlook our lives and, when it witnesses excellence in others, to generate gratitude. I'm going to invent it now: the GRATUITARY gland. In most people it's about the size of a hazelnut, but Kieran's is colossal! 

Kieran's signature move is interjecting just as we are about to move to the next agenda item and delivering a heartfelt vote of thanks to the people involved in the preceding item - be they board member, management or staff.

Not only is it heartfelt, but it is always specific in describing how their actions have created benefit and positive impact. Without him on the board we must be collectively mindful that we emulate Kieran's gratitude and continue to always remember to pause for Kieran interventions.”