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2021 Tertiary Scholarships

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2021 Tertiary Scholarships

Laboratories Credit Union offers eight scholarships to students who have completed their Higher School Certificate and have been accepted into an Australian University or other acceptable tertiary institution. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of their ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) or its equivalent.

As well, LCU offers two scholarships to students who have fully completed a Trade Certificate.

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Who is eligible for an LCU Tertiary Scholarship?

To be eligible for an award you must be an active* member of LCU or the child or grandchild of an active* member of LCU.

Why does LCU award these Scholarships?

The scholarships are intended to assist with the cost of tertiary education. The scholarships are for a single year only and are not renewable. LCU offers these scholarships every year.

How do you apply for an LCU Tertiary Scholarship?

To apply for the HSC scholarships, you must submit proof of your ATAR (or equivalent) as well as your acceptance into an Australian University or other acceptable tertiary institution. 

Trade Certificate Course applicants may apply with their Trade Certificate. 

To receive an application form, please download an application here or contact us.  Applications close 1st March 2022

Scholarship Presentation

You can watch the 2022 Scholarship Presentation here.

Don't miss your opportunity to hear from upcoming young scientists who are taking their field by storm.

We'd also like to extend our invitation for you to attend the Scholarship Ceremony which is held in conjunction with the CSIRO Alumni Physics Scholarship (details to be confirmed)

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*Membership to LCU must have commenced prior to 1st July 2021